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Founded in 1977, Marin Horizon School is an independent, coed day school for students in Toddler through Grade 8. We're located at the foot of majestic Mount Tamalpais in Mill Valley, California. 

What Makes Marin Horizon Different?

Marin Horizon fosters a genuine passion for learning, kindness, and positive change. Our curriculum is designed to inspire students to embrace challenges, think critically, and become compassionate advocates. And within our inclusive community, every student is seen, heard, and valued, fostering a sense of ownership over their education and an exploration of their unique interests.

Our approach combines engaging projects with interdisciplinary learning, helping students develop critical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Our dedicated teachers guide students on a journey of growth, encouraging them to navigate complexity and think beyond boundaries. At Marin Horizon, education goes beyond traditional classrooms. Our students engage in enriching outdoor adventures, creative arts, and community projects, fostering empathy and social consciousness.

At Marin Horizon, we are not just educating minds; we are cultivating compassionate, informed individuals ready to contribute meaningfully to the world.


At our core, we are about helping students develop their confident voices.

At Marin Horizon, we believe that…


Voice is formed…

when students are engaged in a vibrant learning experience,

with a rigorous and challenging curriculum,

that fosters intellectual curiosity,

to develop independent lifelong learners.


Voice is cultivated…

in a supportive environment where experimentation is encouraged,

failure is appreciated as a stepping-stone to success,

diversity of backgrounds and ideas are embraced,

to form confident, healthy relationships and a sense of belonging.


Voice becomes empowering…

when students take initiative to express their opinions,

engage in meaningful dialogs and debates,

inspiring empathy, understanding and collective action,

to create responsible, impactful leaders of tomorrow.

We believe - that when students find their confident voice, they do better, and change the world for the better.


Marin Horizon School offers a challenging academic program combined with character enhancing life skills to help each student develop their confident voice. The curriculum is designed to ensure every student acquires a strong learning foundation, a wide set of academic knowledge, and critical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Our experienced teachers make each lesson an immersive learning experience for deep, conceptual understanding. The small student teacher ratio allows teachers to  cultivate a love for learning in every student.

At Marin Horizon, students feel “seen”, “heard” and “valued” for their authentic selves. They develop self confidence to maximize learning, courage to get out of their comfort zones, and they learn to celebrate mistakes on the pathway to success.

Here, academics and character are classmates.

Marin Horizon emphasizes both rigorous academics and strong character development. Students are encouraged to think critically, adapt to challenges, and approach the world with kindness. In our classrooms, traditional subjects intertwine with real-world problem-solving, preparing students for an ever-changing global landscape. Our curriculum extends beyond four walls, incorporating outdoor experiences, the arts, and community involvement. This balance ensures that Marin Horizon students not only excel academically but also understand the importance of empathy and community in their everyday lives.



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Passionate Learners

Our students are passionate learners, guided by a curriculum that nurtures curiosity, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. This foundation encourages a genuine appreciation for lifelong learning.

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Growth Mindset

At Marin Horizon, students are nurtured with a growth mindset, fostering resilience and adaptability. Encouraged to embrace challenges, they develop the ability to think beyond boundaries and continuously evolve.

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Beacons of Kindness

At Marin Horizon, students become beacons of kindness, radiating compassion and understanding. They engage with empathy, nurturing an environment that celebrates inclusivity and positive social change.

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Compassionate Leaders

Our students are empowered to become compassionate leaders, and to create positive change with empathy and understanding. They lead with their hearts, shaping a future filled with compassion and lifelong learning.

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Advocates for Change

Our students are molded into advocates for positive change, inspired to think critically and act compassionately. They embrace challenges towards a future filled with understanding and transformative growth.

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Environmental Stewards

At Marin Horizon, students become environmental stewards, cultivating a conscious connection to nature through outdoor adventures and green projects. They embrace responsibility for the Earth, fostering a sustainable future.

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